Supporting Families
in Need

The Prams for Good campaign is aligned with UK charity partner, Goods for Good. The aim is to take back pushchairs that are in good condition from families, influencers, brands and celebrities, and re-distribute them via a network of independent retailers, logistics companies and local charities to families in need across the UK and overseas.

Prams for good

Prams for Good Heart

We take unwanted Prams

We take back pushchairs that are in good condition from you, check them and send them to families in need...

Our Distribution Partners

We re-distribute pushchairs via a network of independent retailers and logistics companies...

Supporting Families in Need

We deliver prams via local charities to families in need across the UK and overseas.

Prams for parents

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Approximately 14 million people currently live in poverty in the UK, including 4.2 million children - that’s one in every four children who do not have the essentials available to them to live. Prams for Good brings together brands, nursery retailers, trade and consumer media, parents, celebrities and influencers to ‘each do their bit’ to help alleviate three main issues:
1. To help poverty-stricken families both in the UK and across the globe.
2. To improve physical, mental and emotional health and aid bonding with baby, by giving parents a pram they can use to get outdoors with their child every day.
3. To work towards a greener planet- reduce landfill by recycling the prams that have life in them yet.

Thanks to our partners we can do more good for more families!

Goods for Good

Rosalind Bluestone

Though the UK is a wealthy nation, we have a high number of households living in poverty (around 14 million people are in poverty in the UK - that’s more than one in five of the population)...which is why we’re accelerating our activities to support weekly requests from UK charities to help vulnerable families in need.

Covid-19 Update 😷

Due to an overwhelming response from kind individuals and companies and delivery driver shortages due to COVID, we are regrettably unable to take any more donations at the present time. When the situation changes, we will respond to all your kind messages and arrange drop-offs and collections. We can only thank you for your donation offer and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.